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I am rifting

To the depths of an icy cape thunders dense are the walls of this stone cold centre. Touched are the fragments lost to an ocean of darkness....


I am disclose

This close to the ever leaning gloom dinning calmly beside these cold bodies. Windows matted down with years of laughter and the salty air hangs still. Overcome you will these painless sighs and formidable glances dormancy clammers. Its foolish i know to spell these tales with no end nor beginnings. You must think I'm wasting your time with these vibratos deflecting fast and colliding with our current state of mind. I apologise for the last time. We've all repeated acts and sang the same chune to relax. Like blacked out poetry we are now trembling voids between facts. Ive done this before and ive been here many time. Ill wreck the garden and mend the fences go back to the old rumble inside. Ill cave for both of us dont worry baby ill be fine. No more goodbyes.



I am worn

Incoherent and maligned I've flatlined once on this dead beating drum of mine. Sober for the first time. I see the slow pace comets losing tracks, bending spaces between time. Taxing are these few and far wisps of red smoke inhaling what we've left behind. Foreclosing tabs for soreness stitching us back into a wall of lies. I am a fool to think I'd get this right, a trail of loss lags close behind. Shadows of jagged edges echoes of sharp ends. Shifty brown orbs, your flaming sides, a totem of indignity, fade in my light. And i thought id lost that darkness you brought, I bleached you out, your dirt and grime but you linger still casting ionic dark matter on my life. Dispel. These weighted glances and frowning ceilings cordoning out the world. I am foolish for there is no way out of this graveyard after all.


I am Terrified

Dampness disgust limbed sores dreaded in broken musks whimpering corners of ashes are lined step. Jolting frightening dawns ridden with hollowed out hearts. Our paths are weathered and our lies are glistening with hung far lust. Love terrifies the bravest of us. It twists and hurts jaggedly crackling over the vastness fondling eyes and draped silences. A drift in the widened highways of golden starlit cosmic dust. All hope flashing waste the handles of time wavering the pathways. I get right back up. Wandering ions upon this moment overcome with tricky haste these blue landmines of emotionalism. Balance hithers calmness falls close falters shyly verging in the distance. Forking and derailing heightened assurances preying on the sands of the beaten down. But i get right back up. Forcing through leaded ends swinging on invisible holds yearning and forgetting the pulsing gun. Thawing molten blooming shores celestial ballads glance back. Are the echoes of love posing deadly sought after by believers gather breathing softly together again. 


I am Misgar

Mindful glances and dizzying views these roads are many locking into each other weaving hearts and breaths. Laughter and clatter bemusing trails of wavelengths and faded hues. Lifting spirits and drowning woes the air is heavy colourless and disguised silently behind watching us wander. Lusting heavy are the dark pathways of the night here, casting slumbering shadows over misty eyes. The highs of these scapes are inescapable confronting and decoding our internal muck and grind. The soft dust nestled under each step settles along chanting pebble foes, dislodging and comforting the terrain. What once was oceanic desolation is alive under the sun yet the water flows through bodies molten with red and held together with fluorescent bones. These people shine with glimmering pupils expanding and contracting with the skies above. An urgency in their tone and excitement to be defined by word or banter a gathering of comfortable nomads, there is a home. Beating and thundering to the call of their lives a cycle of mindful glances and dizzying views. Moving across the echo of yesterday, forgotten pathways and frozen rock of another time. 


I am reminded again

Dusty roads and deadly slopes give way to dreaded crevasses of felt heart. Yet dream cluttered people complicated night fall weighs on me. Disappear and appear then fades with grace, among these heights mighty wisps of forgotten and remembered dives. A painterly scene with slow water droplet skied and silent peak. Moss over the shade and divide the scape laid tracks a sound beat footsteps rings clear in the distant and near. 


I am de-taint-eb

Humble folds over crowding fondness masked by de-laid responses holding together our few words. Close are the tethering glimpses and stolen locking of eyes confounded, unspoken you and I. Docking patiently these final goodbyes, a drifting scape the ever sweeping, you and I. Longing and distancing at the same time. Brought a lost tomorrow drew me one last night. Giving into secrets drenched in red these fierce hues of discolour make me surge for a past-present-future, you and I. Endless notches and knots of next in line. Pegged towards a dreaded tunnel of derailing sighs. Distracted and unscathed from the same as before a masterful de-tale, you and I. What of it was availed a little less or much too hanging out to dry. Cutup and shutout a tempting, you and I. Bewildered our sense of cause vetted the chance of lasting joy. For us the days are passing and the nights rise. Escape a pounding heap that burns to fight or flight. 
Are we losing, you and I? 


I an awake

Sips of dawning hues reclining on the gulf of darkened shade the resting calm within. These walls permeate with the crackling reverb of hope. Kneading a renew are the after washed bleeds of white. The siren beckons a howling of winds, a clamouring snare crystallises the view. No more are they ringing, the unhinged bells of self to the tune of a broken down bagpipes of doom. Lone is the note in a cordial fragrant piled petals of saddened morseful you. Untouched gathering of embers light the cloud of infinite cosmic lure. Come down to a pale grounding where silence halts our reverb calls for direction its the counterfeit and scorned truth. Fallen scribes and harsh remembering can make us foolish to our innate inextinguishable grief. These now dormant yet cyclical visions blind us from each other. Showing nothing affirming everything we sharpen the teeth of division and satire over conjecture. Closing in on itself the nebulous gates of reason void the delight create coercion and deceit. The air shifts and the beat of the drum synchronises to a millennia of life. But silence dawns after each long restless night.   


I am rifting

To the depths of an icy cape thunders dense are the walls of this stone cold centre. Touched are the fragments lost to an ocean of darkness. Honing in and spreading out on a morrow that begs to rush into its now. Jolted at every turn dwarfed inwards these grooves sulked in and reaching further, these channels of vascular dread. Move me, for this laid-den crafted by frowns has passed. Bowing are the shreds of the past, stiffening down, prickling through the nerves inside my chest. Lighten my load and open my once sedimented and clayed heart. For that once stretched thin and winding road has become a vastness unfamiliar and dead to its own. Brewing are the teas of hope. Rising in the distance is a shrewd fog waiting to engulf us all. Make amends. Make amends. For that which we will not akin ourselves to will be brought down. Taste within those last meticulous breaths are rifting the two worlds. 


I am mason-jar

4th November 2013

"You need to know my communication about my most honest unfiltered impulses are a tightly shut mason-jar that i had kept on the top shelf of my mind, i took it off to take a closer look and its slipped right out of my hands when it comes to you. if this is what it means to feel a surge of thoughts for someone. Then I'm surging."


I am ember-iynik

Clashing and fleeting this smoke is a mighty gale swaying in each of its stroke is another dusty storm frail. In its wake emerges yet hung-short words. I am here and yet am adrift with waves off that raging shore. You come closer positioned gazing harsh but the overwhelming sense of horror becomes sharp at last. They mount whispers and call you unspeakable false these tiresome cyclopes seems to bore me alas. Hunching and seething brooding your way into their hearts. But what of the cries and ghostly sighs a scene impacted a corners dare revole as they change to the beat of a dead drum. 
Order your squares and calculate the steps forward but deafening are the silent thoughts that escape these four walls. Spring to your feet and mark your territory, this lowly addition can not be cut. Masked are the red waters of this time. Caped in its shadows are truths well defined. We are here and our now will be the end of this lie. Static voltage burdens circuitry alive yet have I mutilated this body for its one last time. Sores fade and colour returns to the sensory core of all things. A humble wisp of a tamed wing slides out of my sight.